We are now serving dinner every

Tuesday through Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm

Happy Hour is 3:30pm-6:30pm, Tuesday through Friday

(Bar Menu & Drink Specials are updated daily)


July 22, 2014


Spring Salad 9
pea greens, french breakfast radish, asparagus, fava, citrus vinaigrette

Mushrooms 10
nameko, french horn, shimenji, butter beans, chives, grana padano

Sea Scallops 15
red pak choi, sweet lime, radish, brown butter

Sweetbreads 13
carrots, bacon, brown butter

Razor Clams 12
chorizo, potato, scallion



Risotto 17
sweet english peas, roasted corn, jalapeno, ricotta

Halibut 27
asparagus, bulls blood, chili oil

Crescent Farms Duck 25
chanterelle, fava, asparagus, cherries

Spaghetti 18
chanterelle, asparagus, ricotta salata

Ribeye Cap 28
garlic fried potatoes, black truffle butter

Market Burger 15
caramelized onion bun, aioli, cheddar, garlic fried potatoes



Escarole 7
pine nut, cherry                                     

Turnip Greens 7
garlic, red pepper

Garlic Fried Potatoes 7
hand cut potatoes, fried and tossed with herbs and garlic oil

Beluga Lentils 8
chanterelle, tomato, basil