We are now serving dinner every

Tuesday through Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm

Happy Hour is 3:30pm-6:30pm, Tuesday through Friday

(Bar Menu & Drink Specials are updated daily)


May 27, 2015


Ramps & Foie Gras 16
soft-boiled egg, country bread

Mushrooms 12
nameko, french horn, shimenji, garbanzo beans, chives, grana padano

White Asparagus 12
morel, torpedo onions, fava leaves

Scallops 15
pea shoots, oro blanco, olive

Spring Salad 10
cress, peas greens, radish, turnip, carrot, white beets



Risotto 19
fiddle head, apple, raclette, almonds

Black Cod 27
garbanzo, red rice, bonito

Pork Loin 26
white beans, mustard greens, golden raisins, pommery mustard

Cavatelli 18
morel, fava, spring garlic, sharfe maxx

Dry Aged Ribeye 36
garlic fried potatoes, black truffle butter

Market Burger 15
caramelized onion bun, aioli, cheddar, garlic fried potatoes



Lollipop Kale 7
toasted garlic, soy-chili vinaigrette

Garlic Fried Potatoes 7
hand cut potatoes, fried and tossed with herbs and garlic oil

Himalayan Red Rice 7
turnip greens, chili, figs

Turnip Greens 7
lemon, grana padano

Carrots 7
sweet onions, hazelnut, thyme




Olivade 7
ricotta, crushed olive & parsley with crudite & country bread

Chicken Liver Pate 10
charred onion, mustard, pickles

Cured Meat 10
La Quercia Americano with house condiments & grain mustard